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Special Female Force 2016


Special Female Force 2016

Release Date: 2016
Genre: Action Comedy
Stars: Eliza Sam Lai-Heung, Joyce Cheng Yan-Yi, Jade Leung Chang, Jacqueline Chong Si-Man, Jeana Ho Pui-Yu
Special Female Force 2016 about Six female college rookie in a knockout test because of the situation beyond the control of refusing to obey orders and lost the eligibility to enter the elite team, they disheartened from the police school, a mysterious Executive suddenly appeared to inform them formally became “Overlord” team – twenty-five years ago because of the failure of the task and the dissolution of the organization, is currently seeking fresh power to revive the glory. Their first task was to seize the notorious “president” of the terrorists, who also led to “Overlord flower” dissolution of the organization 25 years ago, the culprit.

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